What does Ofsted say about us?

Read our latest Inspection Report here

SWTT was judged to be good in all areas by Ofsted in May 2021, under a tough new framework. Ofsted said:

“South West Teacher Training is a highly valued provider in the region. Headteachers and school staff have well-founded confidence in the partnership and many trainees secure employment in partnership schools. Trainees receive good-quality training as a result of the clear, mutual relationship between all partners.”

 Ofsted also praised us for:


  • Newly qualified teachers are well prepared for their first teaching post

  • The welcoming nature of the partnership

  • The responsiveness of partnership staff when trainees seek advice

  • The partnership’s focus on ‘pedagogy not paperwork’ has been pivotal in supporting trainees to manage their workload

  • Strong communication across the partnership and regular feedback mean that trainees develop into reflective practitioners

  • Highly regarded by headteachers

  • The partnership is overseen effectively by well-qualified leaders

  • Personalised support that trainees receive means that trainees’ needs are met exceptionally well

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